ELDFAST ehf has been established by people with long experience in refractories, concrete works and sandblasting. We see a great need of a local Icelandic company with this kind of knowledge, refractory materials and proper equipment. We are located at Hafnarfirði just outside Reykjavik. Here we have our administration and warehouse. Eldfast ehf is the only refractory company established on Iceland.




One of the most important technologies for 4000 years

In Greek mythology it was Hephaistos, son of Zeus and Hera, who was the powerful god of fire and metalworking. The Romans called him „Vulcanus“, and even in the Germanic regions those skilful in the art of fire had a special power: they represented the decisive step in evolution from the earlier nomadic societies to the settled communities who mastered the art of fire and, as a consequence, the survival and development of mankind. To have control of fire represented warmth, food preparation, preservation - and the development of tools, equipment and weapons.


„Refractory“ means that a material can be used at temperatures higher than ca. 600 °C to ca. 1 700 °C. Such processes involving high temperatures (smelting, calcination, moulding) have been known to mankind since the Bronze Age.

Early evidence in art and architecture from all over the world demonstrates directly or indirectly an extraordinarily high level of refractory technology.




But it was not until the industrialisation of the 18th to 20th centuries that the knowledge about the various processes, methods and effects accelerated and was used on a large scale.


The rapid rise in world-wide demand for cement and the growing requirements in the steel industry constantly pose new challenges for refractory technology: minerals and raw materials rich in alumina and magnesite are used to develop bricks, castables and moulds which are tailored precisely to suit the processes, temperatures and materials to be processed. This basic technology is used world-wide to equip modern cement rotary kilns or metal-melt and -casting plants with highly specialised refractory linings.


But enough of mythology - back to mineralogy, chemistry and the art of engineering: ELDFAST ehf and partners is the lynchpin for progress.


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